Real Stories

We love a great story. Especially when that story is from one of our graduates. We feel a sense of pride knowing we were part of these amazing journeys. We believe in every student finding their real selves. It’s what we stand for. The following are some truly amazing stories that have touched our hearts and those of our alumni. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments by listening to their success.


Joe Robinet

Find the real you. Joe did. As a graduate of our Outdoor Studies program, Joe loved the atmosphere and the people of college. He claims it was the most fun he had in his life. Listen to his story.



Jason Fortier

Find the real you. Jason did. As a graduate of Sault College, Jason enjoyed his years playing for our college hockey team, grasping a championship in 2001 and enjoying his campus life in Sault Ste. Marie. Listen to his story.



Brent Handy

Find the real you. Brent did. A graduate of our Aviation Technology program, Brent’s career has literally soared to new heights. From a young age he watched aircrafts land at the airport near his Ontario home. Listen to his story.



Patrick Hunter

Find the real you. Patrick did. He is a graduate of our graphic design program at Sault College. Patrick runs his own business that is driven from his passion for fine arts. From clothing apparel to house ware products. Listen to his story.



Mike Houle

Find the real you. Mike did. As a graduate of our chef training program at Sault College, Mike spends his days building master pieces in the kitchen. After mastering the craft, he and his wife opened the Village House. Listen to his story.