Skilled Trades & Transportation

Do you love the roar of an engine? Whether you want to work on heavy equipment or with it, your success is what drives us.

Full-Time Programs

Aircraft Structural Repair Technician (Ontario College Certificate)

Construction Techniques (Ontario College Certificate)

Mechanical Techniques - Industrial Maintenance (Millwright) (Ontario College Certificate)

Mechanical Techniques - Machine Shop (Ontario College Certificate)

Motive Power Fundamentals - Automotive Repair (Ontario College Certificate)

Motive Power Fundamentals - Heavy Equipment and Truck Repair (Ontario College Certificate)

Pre-Trades and Technology (Ontario College Certificate)

Welding Techniques (Ontario College Certificate)

Metal Fabrication Technician (Ontario College Diploma)

Motive Power Technician - Advanced Repair (Ontario College Diploma)

Part-Time & Distance Programs

Business for Trades (Certificate)

Commercial Construction Management (Certificate)

Apprenticeship Programs

Automotive Service Technician (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

Commercial Vehicle Common Core - Level I (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

Construction and Maintenance Electrician (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

Industrial Electrician (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

Ironworker (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

Parts Technician (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

Plumber (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

Steamfitting (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

Truck and Coach Technician (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

Utility Arborist (Apprenticeship) (No Certificate)

You like to make things move. Fast. We feel the adrenaline just thinking about it! Cars are more than hobby to you; they’re a way of life. With a state-of-the-art motive power centre, you’ll have the tools and training necessary to take your passion to the next level. Let’s go!

Through our Motive Power programs you will gain valuable hands-on experience building, diagnosing and repairing a wide variety of cars, trucks and heavy equipment. The unique layout of our classrooms mimic the actual workplace to give you real world practice and make it easy to transfer your skills to the shop. Pretty cool, eh? You’ll also learn all of the ins and outs of the service business along the way.

If building is more in your lane, you’ll be excited about our skilled trades programs. Our communities are built by passionate tradespeople like you and we’re honoured to be working together to put the finishing touches on your career.

Gain essential carpentry skills and learn industry standard building techniques in the Construction Carpentry Techniques program. In only eight short months you’ll know how to draft estimates, survey, create layouts and read blueprints. And if you’re interested in learning a skill used in almost every trade, the Welding Techniques program will have you thriving in a profession that’s in high demand. Master welding various types of metal while learning how to develop blueprints for different projects.

There are so many great career options in skilled trades. We know! Don’t worry if you’re unsure about what area you’d like best. The Pre-Trades and Technology program will give you the chance to sample different skills and backgrounds while offering you a solid foundation in trades and technology.

If you’re interested in getting the job done, you will find it here.