Engineering Technology

Do you like to build things? Or things that build you? There is an in-demand career out there looking for you right now. And we can't keep it a secret.

Full-Time Programs

Electrical Engineering Technology - Process Automation (Ontario College Advanced Diploma)

Mechanical Engineering Technology (Ontario College Advanced Diploma)

Civil Engineering Technician (Ontario College Diploma)

Electrical Engineering Technician - Process Automation (Ontario College Diploma)

Electrical Engineering Technician - Process Automation and Trades (Ontario College Diploma)

Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician (Ontario College Diploma)

Mechanical Engineering Technician - Manufacturing (Ontario College Diploma)

Automated Manufacturing (Ontario College Graduate Certificate)

Robotics and Automation (Ontario College Graduate Certificate)

Part-Time & Distance Programs

Engineering Technology Management (Ontario College Graduate Certificate)

You are the future of industry. The career you choose will better and help shape the lives of others for years to come. It’s a big responsibility, but hey, you’re up for the challenge. That’s why you’ve chosen a profession in engineering technology.

There’s a shift happening in the manufacturing, medical and aerospace industries right now. Simply put: robots are replacing jobs. Over 40% of the Canadian workforce is at risk of being affected by automation and over the next 10 years big change will happen. The question is, will your career be positively affected by this change and will you be ready to meet the demands of a growing industry? Um… YES! Our Robotics and Advanced Automation program will have you thriving and ahead of the curve in a changing workforce. You will use a state-of-the-art laboratory to simulate a manufacturing environment and your leaning experience will revolve around real world scenarios. You will also get the opportunity to work with local industry leaders on streamlining and integrating automation. These experiences will be pivotal as you begin your career.

Other in-demand careers are calling your name too. Just stop and listen to the world around you. The road you hear those cars on; not possible without civil engineering. The computer you’re streaming your music on; it would be silent without the electrical system designed through electrical engineering. And, the roar of your car engine; it would be a sputter without the parts and tools designed by mechanical engineering. Engineering makes the world tick, so we are happy give you the tools through engineering technology programs to keep our busy lives up and running. Thank-you for making the world better!

If you’re not sure what path in engineering you want to take, no worries. We offer a pre-trades and technology program that will let you explore different areas of technology and skilled trades. Find the best fit for you here!