Community Services

Do you love making a difference? We think you are an amazing person! Community Services programs were meant for you and you were meant to change the world.

Full-Time Programs

Child and Youth Care (Ontario College Advanced Diploma)

Early Childhood Education (Ontario College Diploma)

Early Childhood Education - (Full Time - Contact North) (Ontario College Diploma)

early Childhood Education (Toronto) (Off-Campus) (Ontario College Diploma)

Social Service Worker (Ontario College Diploma)

Social Service Worker - Indigenous Specialization (Ontario College Diploma)

Part-Time & Distance Programs

Addictions and Mental Health Studies (Certificate)

Children`s Mental Health (Certificate)

Diversity and Intercultural Relations (Certificate)

Early Childhood Education Leadership (Certificate)

Early Childhood Education Resource Consulting (Ontario College Graduate Certificate)

You’re selfless and committed to improving the lives of others. We can’t tell you how much that means to us. But we CAN show how much we support your passion by offering the best community services programs to ensure you meet your career goals.

Child and Youth Care is your gateway into helping the lives of children, youth and families. Through this innovative program you will receive training in counseling, addiction, sexuality, mental health and special needs. Courses focus on the application of learning with field placements scheduled alongside classes. We’re happy to welcome you to a cooperative learning environment designed to see you excel in your career helping others.

Believe that children are the future? We do too! Inspire tomorrow’s generation by learning how to teach them today. The Early Childhood Education program at Sault College is highly regarded and provides exclusive research based training opportunities – you’re a VIP and we offer only the best! With an ECE diploma you can register and use the title of Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE). Cool!

While we’re talking, we know you’d be great as a social services worker too. Your drive to help the lives of groups and communities is obvious! The Social Services Worker programs will provide you with the theories and approaches to support social justice and well-being to individuals and families. You can also specialize and become a Social Services Worker in Indigenous communities. Learn how to practice with a culturally competent approach, demonstrating an increased knowledge of Indigenous issues.

If making a difference is your passion, you will find it here.