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Getting to know the Residence Staff

Residence Assistant

The Residence Assistant assists students with any housing concerns they may have, coordinates the residence admissions process, and organizes fee payments.

(705) 759-2554 ext. 2684

Residence Life Coordinator

The Residence Life Coordinator is a live-in resource for staff and students, providing additiona support afterhours and on weekends. The Coordinator lives in Ray Lawson Hall on the first floor of the building.

(705) 759-2554 ext. 2868

Residence Life Supervisor

The Residence Life Supervisor works closely with the Residence Advisors to provide support and guidance to students. They Residence Life Supervisor also follows up on any code of conduct issues and oversees programming goals within the building. The RLS office is located on the first floor in Ray Lawson Hall.

(705) 759-2554 ext. 2302

Manager, Student Success & Housing

The Manager, Student Success & Housing works with the Residence Staff and Residence Advisors to provide a positive environment for living and learning for all students who live in Residence. The Manager is located on campus in the Student Success & Job Centre, A1282.

(705) 759-2554 ext. 2683

Residence Advisors (RAs)

RAs are senior students living in residence who are willing to share the benefit of their college experience with new students. They provide information about the Residence and the College, program regular recreational activities, and  ensure that Residence Community Standards are adhered to. 

(705) 989-6700 (9:00pm-8:00am)

Residence Security

Security staff work evenings at Ray Lawson Hall, monitoring the entrance, signing in guests, patrolling the building and enforcing Community Standards.  Security works closely with the Residence Advisors and the Residence Life Supervisor.

(705) 759-2554 ext. 2685