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World university service of canada at sault college

For most refugees, there are few or no opportunities to continue post-secondary education. Since 1978, WUSC's Student Refugee Program (SRP) has helped address this shortage by enabling student refugees to pursue their studies at Canadian universities and colleges. From countries of origin as diverse as Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Burma and Afghanistan, most have successfully completed their studies and are now active Canadian Citizens making valuable contributions to their communities. Others have returned to their home countries and are contributing as nation builders or active community members.

Sault College joined WUSC in 2011 and fundraised for their first student who began his studies in September 2012. The WUSC local committee is student lead, and fundraise year round to give a refugee the opportunity to study at Sault College. The Sault College staff both faculty and administration makes significant contributions each year to help continue the program. The Sault College Peace and Conflict studies program in particular has continued to strongly support WUSC and help give refugees a chance to study at Sault College.

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