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Sault College has measurements in place to ensure consistency and quality of academic programs.

Academic quality processes are guided by the requirements of the Program Quality Assurance Process Audit (PQAPA), which Ontario colleges undergo on a five year cycle. PQAPA criteria for program quality includes:

  • Appropriate learning outcomes
  • Academic policies to support student achievement
  • Consistency with Ministry directives
  • Program quality review

Sault College proudly received six out of a possible six fully met quality standards in the 2014 PQAPA.

Click here to view the Sault College Program Quality Assurance policy.

Program Review

Sault College believes that regular program review is important in order to provide innovative academic programs that assure teaching and learning quality and that respond to industry and student needs. A comprehensive review of academic programs occurs on a five-year cycle.

Curriculum Review

In addition to planning and preparing for the upcoming academic year, faculty are involved in annual curriculum review ( May/June) to ensure that learning outcomes continue to be addressed in the program curriculum. Faculty teams maintain a curriculum map, aligning learning outcomes to courses; make changes to curriculum to stay current with industry and provincial demands by adding, dropping, or revising courses, and update course outlines.

Key Performance Indicators

The Ministry of Colleges, Training, and Universities uses five Key Performance Indicators to measure how well Ontario colleges meet the needs of students and the marketplace.

At Sault College, the office of Academic Quality Assurance leads the measurement and reporting of the five KPIs:

      • Graduation Rate
      • Graduate Employment Rate
      • Graduate Satisfaction
      • Employer Satisfaction
      • Student Satisfaction

Student Feedback Questionnaires

In each of their Fall semester classes, students complete this course evaluation questionnaire. The Student Feedback Questionnaire is a tool used for continuous quality improvement – faculty have the opportunity to learn from and make changes to course delivery where relevant in response to student input.

Angelique Lemay, Director, Quality Assurance and Pedagogy
705-759-2554, ext. 2737

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