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Mission Statement

The Sault College Child Development Centre (CDC) provides a welcoming, respectful and stimulating child care environment, which promotes the early education and care of young children. Our programs are designed to nurture a strong development of their potential, interests and creativity. The CDC is a leader in providing ongoing instruction and development for Early Childhood Education students, professionals and families through research and collaboration with the Sault College Early Childhood Education program.


In the pursuit of excellence, our philosophy of early learning evolves in response to increased knowledge, experience, and growth in the field of child development.

The Sault College Child Development Centre believes that all families are entitled to high quality early learning and care in an inclusive, non-discriminatory, culturally sensitive environment that fosters active learning.

Our Centre is staffed by professional Early Childhood Educators who are members in good standing with the College of Early Childhood Education. As a team, we ensure that children in our program are provided with the highest quality of care and education.

We adhere to the philosophy that children learn best through play; that cooperation rather than competitiveness should be encouraged. The children are supported and guided by qualified staff through experiences developed to enhance and enrich decision making skills, self-esteem and self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, good citizenship and respect for others. Through the combination of planned programming, staff commitment and continued training, the CDC provides consistent, high quality care for the continually developing young children. Our program is designed around the principles of developmentally appropriate practices, facilitating early learning in all areas of development.

The CDC builds on the strength of families by supporting parents/guardians in their role of raising and educating their children. Parents/guardians are respected as their child's first teachers and a strong partnership between home and the Centre is essential. This global approach enhances the child(ren’s) overall development.

The CDC operates as an integral part of the Early Childhood Education Program (ECE) and reflects the philosophy taught to ECE students. The alliance between the CDC and the ECE program provides students with the opportunity to work with teachers who guide, support, evaluate and mentor them as they work to acquire the skills and attributes necessary for an ECE staff. We create an environment where lab school staff, college faculty and students work together to implement and evaluate new ideas in the field of Early Childhood Education.

The Sault College Child Development Centre is committed to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the principles of the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Day Nurseries Act.

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