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In our ongoing commitment to providing students with enriching educational experiences that link their academic work with post-graduation goals and aspirations the Alumni Speaker Series brings successful Sault College alumni and industry experts to the College and provides students with an opportunity to hear alumni speak about their experiences working in various professional fields. These presentations provide students an idea of what to expect of a career through first-hand accounts. Faculty coordinate their classes with individual alumni to allow students a glimpse at the working world from the security of the classroom. The benefits of this program are two-fold, affording alumni the opportunity to return to campus and meet current students, and allowing students to benefit from the advice and understanding of successful Sault College graduates. If you have an interest in speaking to a class please contact the Alumni Relations office.

Alumni Speaker: Kevin Parker
Aviation Technology, 1980


Chief Pilot & Assistant Chief Designer Kevin Parker addresses the Aviation student body on a return visit to Sault College from his hometown in Shanghi, China. Kevin spoke to students and faculty about his outstanding success in the field of Aviation and his most recent project, the design of the Chinese aircraft ARJ21.


Kevin reunites with former Aviation instructors Bill Govett (left) and Bernie McComisky (right). As a thank-you gift Kevin provided each of his instructors with a model of the ARJ21 aircraft that he has been instrumental in designing.


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