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Dear Alumni and Friends,

I am pleased to welcome you to the Sault College Alumni Association – your alumni association!

The most important contribution to the future of Sault College is its graduates – a pool of more than 26 000 across the country and around the world. My career life has from the start been centered around Sault College; first as an alumnus, then as an employee of Sault College and now as a Sault College retiree. It was only natural therefore that I would volunteer my time by working as an active member with the Sault College Alumni Association. My roles are varied, working with the Alumni Steering Committee, recruiting other Sault College graduates, assisting in planning events, etc.

It therefore goes without saying that alumni are essential members of the Sault College community. We are always in search of alumni eager to give back by sharing their positive learning experiences while attending Sault College, volunteering their expertise where required within the Alumni Association or through the recruitment of future students. Volunteering may also take the form of assisting in the planning of an event, especially in the planning of a reunion for your own graduation class, or you may be more interested in meeting and networking with fellow graduates, or you may want to put your feet up after a hard day of work and relax with a copy of the Alumni magazine.

As well as volunteering we always enjoy hearing from you. Share with us your ideas on how to grow our Association, what were your expectations upon registering as an Alumnus, how are we doing as an Association; let us know. Are there specific academic programme(s) that you would like to see at Sault College? Did you get a new job, move away from the Sault after graduation, get married, have a baby? We want to know! Keep us updated by submitting your ideas or news to for distribution to Alumni or for publication on our web site page or in the Sault College Alumni magazine.

As we grow and develop we trust that you will be there, participating in your Alumni Association in any way you're able. We will welcome your input at all times, and in turn, we will strive to keep you informed about your Alumni Association throughout the year via e-mails, our web site and the Alumni magazine. Our ultimate goal will be to work with you in the development of your Alumni Association.

Please know that you are all extended a warm welcome from the Sault College Alumni Association and we look forward to meeting each and everyone of you.

On behalf of the Sault College Alumni Association,

Rick Wark

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