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Quaint small town or bustling metropolitan city? Sault Ste. Marie is a bit of both. The “Soo” (as locals call it here) is a safe, friendly, community offering you a diverse experience to enhance your classroom learning. This spectacular border city has four seasons of outdoor adventure for all interests. Travel and fun are minutes away across the International bridge connecting to Sault, Michigan. With 75,000 people, we are small enough to be friendly, and large enough to be FUN!

The blend of professional and whimsical student and seeker comes to make this coffee, hockey, and pasta-loving town uniquely eclectic with a penchant for self-reinventing every few months. Drop into a Tim’s to talk to the locals about just about any topic, and you’ll come away with enough to write an award-winning short story or intriguing novel.

You’ll hear how the city has a large and vibrant Italian contingent, but don’t overlook the other cultural influences from European countries like Finland and Portugal, plus the growing number of Indian and Argentinian foreign nationals arriving to work at Essar Steel and Tenaris.

We have all the amenities and city-life attractions, and the most awe-inspiring scenic views and adventure recreation in the province. The breath-taking views found immediately north, east and west of town on the Great Lakes is what most people remember most about Sault Ste. Marie and area. With a large number of public beaches on beautiful pristine lakes that can be accessed for free, Sault Ste. Marie often has a lasting impact on those who travel this way, and sometimes those who have camped here in their youth find their way back here to study and work because of the stunning views found in nature.

Enjoy a nice coffee down town!
Enjoy a nice coffee down town!     

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