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Natural Environment Technologist - Conservation and Management (5221)

3 Years - 6 Semesters      Ontario College Advanced Diploma     CO-OP

Program Overview

This is a Co-operative Education Program. September and January Intakes are available for this program. Please contact the Registrar`s Office for further information.

This advanced diploma expands on courses taken as part of the two year Natural Environment Technician curriculum. The Technologist designation earned through a third year of study takes learning to a new level. Students will participate in a number of legacy field projects related to Conservation and Management of natural resources. Study layout, data collection, analysis and reporting are the overriding elements of courses taught within this program. Students will hone their problem solving skills and work independently on unique projects in aquatic ecosystems, species at risk, invasive species and climate change.

Students will have the opportunity to work with a variety of related agencies through a field placement and legacy projects. This chance to network facilitates important industry connections and allows for real life contributions to natural resource management. Integration of technology is a crucial component, as GIS applications and other relevant software are fundamental to the third year. All of this is presented within a strong framework of sustainability, creating a foundation for an impactful career working in and with the Natural Environment.

Field Camp

Field Camp