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Pulp and Papermaking Operations (5075)

Part-time Distance Education      Ontario College Certificate

Program Overview

The Pulp and Papermaking Operations program is most valuable if you are already working in the pulp and papermaking industry and wish to improve your knowledge of pulp and papermaking processes for personal satisfaction or employment advancement. With the rapid changes in responsibility coupled with downsizing, many employers have expressed a desire to utilize better-trained, more knowledgeable workers. Graduates of this program possess knowledge of all important processes used in this varied and large industry.

Some courses are offered online via the internet, while others are offered independent study. Online courses begin every January, May and September. Independent study courses are print-based and can be started anytime.

This program is available on a course by course basis. Students may choose to complete one or more courses each semester. Students in this program are not eligible for OSAP funding. Courses within this program must be completed within 7 years, unless otherwise specified.

Field Camp

Field Camp