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Electrical Engineering Technician - Process Automation and Trades (4127)

2 Years - 4 Semesters      Ontario College Diploma

Program Overview

By taking any one of our ever-popular electrical engineering programs, you`ll learn about the fascinating field of electricity and electronics. You`ll also learn a wide array of skills in computer technology.

Sault College`s Electrical Engineering Technician - Process Automation and Trades program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pursue a career as an Electrical Engineering Technician and/or as an Industrial or Construction Electrician. Classroom instruction (semesters one through four) at Sault College will provide you with the basics of electricity and electronics as well as related subjects such as computer technology, industrial electronics, instrumentation, electrical machines, power electronics, and automated control systems. These skills will prepare you for a career in industrial environments with the electrical trades. Graduates will have a wide variety of skills including those required to install, test, modify, troubleshoot, and repair electrical systems.

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and currently unemployed, you may qualify for second career funding for this program! To learn more about your options and how to get started, contact us at

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