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Electrical Engineering Technician - Process Automation (4026)

2 Years - 4 Semesters      Ontario College Diploma

Program of Study

Semester 1

CMM115 - 3Communications I
ELN100 - 5Electronic Fundamentals I
ELR100 - 5Electrical Fundamentals DC
ELR114 - 3Measurement and Shop Practice
MTH142 - 5Mathematics
GEN100 - 3Global Citizenship

Semester 2

ELN109 - 5Electronic Devices and Circuits
ELN210 - 3Computer Aided Design
ELR109 - 5A.C. Circuit Analysis & Machines
MTH143 - 5Mathematics
GAS101 - 3Rituals, Idols and Controversies in Sports
 Student Selected General Education *
GAS103 - 3What in the World is Going On?
 Student Selected General Education *
GAS109 - 3Music and Pop Culture
 Student Selected General Education *
GAS116 - 3Your Two Cents
 Student Selected General Education *
GEN110 - 3Student Selected General Education
 Student Selected General Education *
HDG122 - 3Personal and Academic Success Strategies
 Student Selected General Education *
SSC102 - 3Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
 Student Selected General Education *
Note: *Students must choose one of the identified Student Selected General Education Courses

Semester 3

ELN115 - 6Digital Integrated Electronics
ELN213 - 4Electronic Devices and Circuits II
ELN229 - 4Instrumentation/Process Control
ELR215 - 3Electrical Power Systems
ELR216 - 2Introduction to Robotics
ELR232 - 7Electrical Machines

Semester 4

ELR223 - 6Robotic and PLC Control Systems
ELR236 - 7Power Electronics
ELR251 - 4Telecommunication System I
ELR214 - 4Organizational Effectiveness
Note: Students must also take MTH551-4 Calculus I in Semester 4 should they elect to enter Program 4029 - Electrical Engineering Technology - Process Automation.

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