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Geographic Information Systems - Applications Specialist (4018)

1 Year - 2 Semesters      Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program Overview

By bringing your own expertise to the program, you will hone your skills and fast track your way through placements in health sciences, municipalities and natural resources fields.

This post-graduate certificate program prepares you for a career in geomatics, the integration of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing. GIS is the computerized analysis of spatially-oriented data and the resulting production of usable products such as maps, tables and layouts.

Our highly interactive, hands-on training approach in our new 3D state-of-the-art computer lab uses the latest software from top GIS and remote sensing vendors. Specific courses provide you, the student, with practical experience in the use of ArcGIS, PCI Geomatica, AutoCAD, MS Access, MS Project and other standard Microsoft products, as well as Visual Basic, Python, and ArcObjects programming languages.

You will learn the fundamentals and theory of GIS with a focus on hands-on training, and you will also investigate the influence of natural phenomena in the interpretation of remotely sensed data. Applications in municipal services, natural resources, business and health are considered. The integration of fieldwork using GPS units into the GIS environment is included. As a student who is sponsored by an employer, you will have an opportunity to work on specific and real world projects. One of the many highlights is that you will participate in a four-week field placement with a potential employer in a location and aspect of GIS that meets the employer`s needs.

Students may have the opportunity to be involved in applied research projects. Please see the Applied Research Centre section for more information relating to the Sault College Applied Research Centre.