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Sterile Supply Processing (3055)

Part-time Continuing Education      Certificate

Program Overview

Some hospitals may also require reprocessing staff to complete the CSAOs (Central Service Association of Ontario) course and hold CSAO or CSA certification.

Graduates of this part-time program will acquire the knowledge and skills for career opportunities in hospitals, surgical centres and health care settings related to the sterilization, preparation and storage of equipment, instruments and supplies. Students will learn critical techniques in safe handling of instrumentation, infection control and aseptic techniques. All theory courses are on-line. Students will learn:

  • Apply knowledge of the principles of infection control and personal protection in the decontamination, packaging and sterilization of instruments and equipment.
  • Perform decontamination procedures and practices for patient care equipment and surgical
  • Prepare equipment and supplies of sterilization.
  • Package instruments and supplies.
  • Sterilize instruments and supplies
  • Clean, check and prepare micro-instruments for sterilization.
  • Identify predictable problems in the care and handling of instrumentation.
  • Identify the principles of inventory control, sterile storage and distribution of supplies.
  • Communicate effectively with co-workers.

Thisis a part-time program that is offered online via the internet, while the final course (SSP1216) is offered via independent study and can be started at any time. Online courses begin every January, May and September. Some online courses begin each month.

This program is available on a course by course basis. Students may choose to complete one or more courses each semester. Students in this program are not eligible for OSAP funding. Courses within this program must be completed within 7 years, unless otherwise specified.

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