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Business Fundamentals (2037)

1 year - 2 semesters      Ontario College Certificate

Program Overview

In 8-months obtain a Business Fundamentals Certificate to enter the workforce faster or to discover your unique interest in Business by exploring the possible pathways and subject areas that lead into a 2 and/or 3 year Business program.

Join our well-respected Professors as you explore human resources, accounting, marketing and business principles and concepts toward a greater understanding of the world of business. Students will have access to curriculum that integrates the use of current technologies and innovative software in a look into the real world of business to give you an edge to succeed.

Sault College`s unique geographic location, bordering the United States, allows us the opportunity to provide a global perspective to the important study of business. You can rest assured that the Business Fundamentals program will provide you with a unique set of skills that are in increasing demand and highly regarded by the business community. At Sault College, preparing you for a successful career is Our Business.

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