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Community Integration Through Cooperative Education (1120)

2 Years - 4 Semesters      Ontario College Certificate

Program Overview

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and currently unemployed, you may qualify for second career funding for this program! To learn more about your options and how to get started, contact us at

Community Integration through Cooperative Education (CICE) is a fully integrated two year College Certificate program designed to offer students with developmental disabilities or significant learning challenges opportunities to enhance their academic and social skills through participation in a variety of College courses and corresponding field placements.


  1. Choose one of the 19 program areas of study available to be taken through the CICE program.
  2. Develop vocational abilities through a number of field placement experiences that relate to each student`s program area of study. 
  3. Learning Specialists provide students with in-class labs and shops support as well as tutoring outside (of) the classroom.  
  4. The Employment Liaison Officer secures field placements and provides intermittent supervision.
  5. The curriculum is modified to meet the academic needs of each student.
  6. Upon graduation, a CICE program Certificate is received and the graduate is provided with the opportunity to be linked with a Community Employment Support Specialist who will assist in the search for employment.

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