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Social Sciences


Welcome to the department of Social Sciences 

The Social Sciences Department offers courses that will acquaint you with the foundation disciplines of psychology, sociology and politics, and will introduce you to specialized courses in global studies, Native studies and studies of social trends.  All courses offered by the Social Science Department are components of your program of study, either as specific program outcomes or as general education. While you won`t apply directly to the Social Science Department, during your studies at Sault College, you will have an opportunity to participate in many courses offered by the Social Science Department.  What can you expect from your social science courses?  From a faculty, well-qualified in the disciplines of the social sciences, you will learn about why we, human social beings, do as we do.  You will explore the interconnections between our personal, private lives, and our social world in the national and global domains.  Studies in the social sciences will provide you with the confidence and enthusiasm to be a more informed citizen of your workplace, your community, and the world.

Social Science Electives

Development of new electives that follow the evolution of student interests and of global events is ongoing in the Social Sciences.  In the course, Introduction to Canadian Aboriginal Peoples, you will examine how history informs the current events of Native communities, and you will learn of Native perspectives that will help foster better relationships between Native and Non-Native citizens.  From this course you will gain pride in knowing that you can have a role in the creation of a more respectful Canadian experience for all citizens.  In the Introduction to Social Sciences course, you will become acquainted with a number of the social sciences in the study of current Canadian social and political events.  In the Introduction to Canadian Politics course, you will discover how the Canadian government is organized, and thus learn how you can participate in the growth and development of Canada.

Global Citizenship

The Social Sciences Department is also home of Global Citizenship (GEN100), a general education course in which every diploma student at Sault College is enrolled.  In this course, you will discover what you can accomplish by having the freedom to work with community partners in projects that address issues and solutions in areas of social justice, health or environment. You will find that your actions, no matter how small and locally focused they may seem, generate significant impacts that stretch across the globe.  Every semester, the social science team and the college community celebrate our global students for their continuing contributions to community, nation and world.


For more information, contact Marcia Jones, Social Sciences Co-ordinator at 705 759-2554, ext. 2653 or email



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