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General Arts and Science

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The General Arts & Science program is best suited for the following types of students:

  • Those unsure about which career or diploma certificate to choose.
  • Mature students who want better career choices.
  • A chance to polish their skills, and take advantage of postsecondary educational opportunities.
  • University-bound students who wish to receive transfer credits.
  • Students too late for acceptance into a limited enrolment College program but eager to give themselves solid grounding and again transferable credits towards career programs.
  • Grade 12 graduates who need to build skills in English, mathematics, science, and study skills to enable them to be successful in a College program.
  • General Arts and Science is a dynamic and flexible combination of options that meets the needs of many different kinds of students.
  • The Liberal Studies program is part of the International University-College Division which prepares students for the academic requirements needed to become a certified elementary or secondary school teacher.
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