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A quality learning environment, the Sault College School of Business, supported by the interplay of Faculty, Student and Environment delivers an exceptional business leadership perspective.

From state-of-the-art classrooms, integrated curriculum and a collaborative teaching team, Sault College`s School of Business is a unique learning experience. Our ongoing improvements to quality programming and responsiveness to the industry ensure students get practise doing the same tasks and solving many problems that you will experience once you start working.

The Sault College School of Business student is a high achiever that supports and motivates others to reach their full potential and perform tasks in progressive and innovative ways including those not yet imagined.

A strong community requires a strong workforce of professional business people. Whether you are a high school student interested in one of our diploma programs or you already have post-secondary or work experience and would like to acquire some complementary business related skills, the Sault College School of Business will offer you a quality business education experience.

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